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Option #1:

Choosing a standard plan is the most efficient way to live in an Axiom home.

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Option #2:

Modifying a standard plan offers more design flexibility and control.

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Option #3:

For some clients, the most appropriate solution is a custom design.

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How It's Made

Once the design of your new home has been completed, the latest 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies will be used to custom fabricate the building components for fast and accurate assembly, reduced construction times and to lower overall costs for the building process.01 - Structure Model 02 - Panel Model 03 - Info Model
04 - Factory Beam
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Our commitment to sustainability informs our design, process, and material selection to ensure; tighter tolerances, superior thermal efficiency, enhanced air tightness, indoor air quality, minimized on-site cutting & waster, and FSC certification of raw materials.


BIM programs generate information to; improve visualization, coordinate and verify construction documents, generate detailed pricing, create precise dimensions for fabrication and assembly, engineer the structure for fabrication and assembly, engineer the structure to conform to all local and regional codes and regulations, guide computer controlled cutting machines to precut and predrill custom posts and beams.

Prefabricated component packages are prepared in the optimal conditions of a climate-controlled indoor environment and include all the materials required to create a weather-tight shell; wall panels, floor panels, roof panels, architectural grade posts and beams, windows and doors.

The ready-to assemble building components are packaged for shipping efficiency and delivered to your site. As soon as the foundation is ready, a uniquely experienced installation crew will provide on-site assembly services for the weather-tight shell, ensuring the highest quality workmanship and the most efficient installation schedules.
08 - Crane Assembly
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